Produce Spring CSA - 10 weeks (March 20 - May 22)
Produce Spring CSA - 10 weeks (March 20 - May 22)
Produce Spring CSA - 10 weeks (March 20 - May 22)
Produce Spring CSA - 10 weeks (March 20 - May 22)
Produce Spring CSA - 10 weeks (March 20 - May 22)

Produce Spring CSA - 10 weeks (March 20 - May 22)

Rose Creek Farm Produce

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PLEASE NOTE: Photos only show an example of what your share may look like. Produce WILL VARY depending on season and what we have available. 

What is a CSA? Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a shared commitment between us, the farmer; and you, a consumer of fresh, good quality food. We are committed to growing you the best tasting, nutrient dense produce we can grow for you to feed your family. By your support, we are enabled to continue to provide you and our community with delicious food. By purchasing a CSA, you have “locked in” your produce during a given time period.


How it will work:

You will prepay for 10 weeks worth of produce. Large shares are $250 and you will receive about 8-9 items each week (about $25 worth a week). Small shares are $150 and you will receive about 5 items each week (about $15 worth a week). Your produce share will be packed into bags.

You can pick up your CSA Share at one of the following locations for the entire 10 weeks.

- Rowan House, 604 Wick St, Corinth, MS 38834 every Friday, between 2pm-4pm. 

- Rose Creek Farms, 999 Lola Whitten Rd, Selmer, TN 38375- Every Wednesday, between 6am-8pm

- Grubbs Grocery, 4 Jackson Walk Plaza, Jackson, TN 38301- Between Wednesdays (after 3pm) to Sundays during open hours


We will have a special facebook group for you to join and to share ideas about how to use the different produce you are receiving,  farm updates and news, and for any questions you may have. We will send you an email after you have purchased a CSA with a link to ask to join the CSA Facebook group. 

We will be sending you a few updates via email. Please provide your email address during checkout.  

Rose Creek Farms is committed to bringing you the best harvest possible; we will deliver through rain, shine, hot, cold, flooding and drought, as long as we are able to harvest our crops and the roads are open.


Cost: $250 for the 10 week spring season - Large Share

         $150 for the 10 week spring season - Small Share


Please read the following agreement for Rose Creek Farms CSA membership: I am committed to picking up my share of vegetables each week at the location I choose. I understand that I do not have a choice in what vegetables Rose Creek Farms has available for my CSA share. I understand that Rose Creek Farms has seasonal produce, and that the weather and climate, pest, storms, and acts of nature can have an effect on what produce is available each week. I understand that if I am not there for pick-up (or have not sent someone in my place), Rose Creek Farms has the right to give my share of produce away to whatever needy family they decide or to a soup kitchen. I understand that I cannot get a replacement for my missed CSA pickup. I also understand that my money is non- refundable.

If a weather disaster should strike Rose Creek Farms and we lose all our crops; or an unforeseen physical or health complication should occur to one of our family members causing us not to be able to continue to grow or harvest produce*; you will NOT get a refund. We will distribute what produce is left, if any, to our CSA members, and recover our loss as soon as possible. We cannot guarantee food in the event of a disaster, if you are not willing to accept this risk; we encourage you to NOT become a member. This is a shared risk between you and us.

*Please note: we will do everything we can to acquire help in effort to continue planting and harvesting your produce in the event of a physical or health complication. But if the help is unavailable or the condition is such we cannot make it happen, we will not be able to guarantee a delivery, or give a refund.

Choose the location you would like to pick up your share at checkout.