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Whole Bean Coffee - J. Hobbs Coffee Co


Local fire-roasted coffee that’s as fresh as your produce!

    Simple no-frills packaging, whole bean, custom roast level, with the roast date and roast level handwritten on the bag. The freshness and flavor speak for themselves.

Your orders will be small-batch roasted every Tuesday (Friday for Franklin customers) and received by you within a few days at the peak of deliciousness. 

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    The House Blend green coffee beans are High Grown and sourced from South and Central America, resulting in a very classic “coffee” flavor that’s smooth and rich with low acidity. Roasted over flames in a grill using sight, sound, and smell to provide a unique rich flavor with delicious caramel notes. The sweet spot for this coffee is a medium-dark roast, which brings out classic notes of cocoa and caramel and Almond; I recommend starting there if you’re not sure and adjusting if needed. If you have any questions on recommended brew methods, brew ratios, grinders, coffee makers, and other equipment, or a recommended roast level based on what you like, feel free to email me at

    This Artisanal coffee is home roasted by Judah Hobbs, the Farm Manager here at Rose Creek Farms. This started as a hobby back in May of 2018, when Judah realized that roasting his own beans was the ultimate way to get coffee as fresh as possible and build a custom flavor profile that was enjoyable every time. After selling to friends and family for nearly 3 years, roasting coffee on his back porch, he’s now expanding to Rose Creek Farm customers. Fresh and locally roasted coffee is hard to find. This coffee is worth trying if you buy coffee without a roast date on the bag, grocery store coffee is often weeks or months past it’s prime. My mission is to leave you happier than you were before, by showing you how much more enjoyable your morning coffee can be when the beans are fresh!