Growing in The Rain

Growing in The Rain

This week we received more than 10 inches of rain! In past seasons this would have been devastating to our farm because most of our tender young greens would have taken some serious damage in that onslaught of rain.Fortunately, we have a nicely protected canopy over our crops so no harm done this year!

Okra growing in a tunnel

Recently the okra really started filling out! We took a few year's break from growing it, and we are really excited to have it back in the fields.

Muir Lettuce in 'the wild'


As we start to go through the dog days of summer most farmers and gardeners want to keep their summer salad crops growing and producing. This can be a challenging task. I specialize in growing salad crops 52 weeks a year and I can tell you there are a lot of variables that play into the success of growing salad crops in the summer.One secret to a successful harvest is the variety of seeds. If you are growing head lettuce, Muir lettuce wins the prize for the best overall summer-producing lettuce for my climate.Next time you place a seed order, add muir seed to your cart. Plant it and let me know what you think!

Ashley's Kitchen


Go follow her on Instagram for inspiration on preparing and eating food from the farm! @feastingfromthefield 

Have a great week everyone!

- Ray & Ashley Tyler