Our Frequently Asked Questions

When is the Farm Store open? -

Our On-Farm Store is open 24/7 with a self serve kiosk. Feel free to swing by!


Should I wash produce that I buy from you? - 

We would recommend washing your produce after purchasing it! Our Seasonal Salad Mix is always washed, and all of our other produce is washed when needed. 


What should I do if I find a bug in my produce? - 

Bugs are really just trying to eat your delicious snack, and most are harmless. You're welcome to dispose of the competition and/or ask us for a replacement.


When are the order deadlines each week? - 

Since we need time to fulfill all the orders before the delivery dates, we close our order inbox every week on Wednesday night at midnight. Orders placed after this time are put on hold until next week.


Can I set up a reoccurring order? - 

Currently we don't offer custom reoccurring orders. But we do offer a Seasonal Farm Bag, the contents of which change each week according to the best produce of the season!


I have questions about the online courses, where should I ask about that? - 

You can visit the website or directly contact us about anything regarding Small Farms Big Change at this email address: hello@smallfarmsbigchange.com 


When will you do home deliveries again? -

At the moment, it isn't feasible for us to deliver to homes individually. However we will continue to revisit the prospect in the coming months.