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Buying Options


This page is updated weekly. 

Pickup Points

You can buy produce from us at the listed pickup points: 


Franklin Farmer's Market - Franklin, TN

Pickup Hours: Saturday (9am-12pm)


Grubbs Grocery  - Jackson, TN

Pickup Hours: Friday 4PM-8PM - Saturday 8AM-8PM


On-Farm Store - Selmer, TN - (Open 24/7)

Pickup Hours: Friday (anytime) - Wednesday (anytime)


Home Delivery to Memphis, TN -

Tuesdays - $15 delivery fee


Other Ways to Purchase:

On-Farm Store - Selmer, TN - (Open 24/7)

You can also come buy produce from our On-Farm Store which has a self-checkout and is open 24/7 


If you have any questions about the above information please don't hesitate to Contact Us.