The Return of the Radishes

The Return of the Radishes

This week has been full of pulling and drying onions. We will let these onions dry and cure for about 2 weeks so they will keep and store for several months.

Freshly Harvested Onions

Onions are such a staple crop for us in the kitchen. They add so much rich flavor to any meal. We can never seem to grow enough.

Baby Okra

Colored peppers are starting to turn, the okra is starting to fruit, and radishes abound. We have started our winter squash and cantaloupe seeding. We can hardly wait for the first harvest of sweet cantaloupe!

Muir Head Lettuce on landscape fabric

-Ray's Field Tips-

As the summer season progresses, the heat and humidity can be really punishing for leafy greens. There are a lot of variables to growing consistent high quality crops. One of the key factors is selecting the correct variety. My all time favorite lettuce variety to grow is muir.

Muir Seed Link

If you want to grow and have fresh salads every week this is the variety to try.

Flower bougets-now sold on farm store!

We're now selling flower bouquets on the bottom shelf of the Farm Store! Get directions by clicking here.

Have a great week everyone!

 - Ray & Ashley Tyler