Mouthwatering Steak on a Micro Green Bed

Mouthwatering Steak on a Micro Green Bed

"Steak on a bed of micro greens with a side of mashed potatoes"

Just a few little things I like to do to enrich the flavors of these dishes:

1. I like to make a butter mix with fresh garlic, salt, and fresh herbs, (parsley, chives, sage, oregano, & rosemary) and place it on top of my steak once it’s cooked and let it soak up the flavors-absolutely mouthwatering.

2. I cook my potatoes (quartered) in an instant pot for 10- 15 min with just a bit of water at the bottom. Add salt, fresh onions (quartered), and garlic cloves (halved). This adds extra flavor to the mix. If you want to get really delectable, add some herbed butter mix! Otherwise, some salt, parsley, and cottage cheese will do the trick!


Happy cooking!

- Ashley

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