Beef and Beets

Beef and Beets

Hello, everyone! Wow what amazing weather this week! We hope you have found time to enjoy this wonderful weather as we have.

Two cows, mother and calf, look directly at the camera

Our new on-farm store has been open up for about a month now and we have been surprised and grateful for the turnout! New products for the on-farm store include ground beef from Ashley's brother's farm just a few miles away from the farm.

Pennington Farm’s Pasture-Raised Beef

Raised on the rolling hills here in Mcnairy County by Pennington Farms, these cows enjoyed the delightful freedom of pastured life; eating as much grass as they could possibly consume. This ground beef is all the different cuts of meat (steaks, roasts, etc) ground together forming a ground beef that’s very hardy, minimally fatty, and full of flavor! Limited supply! Please note: To keep them tame and manageable, they were given minimal feed to entice them to the barn or to different paddocks of pastureland.

If you are ever in the area you can check out this easy video on how the self serves works here. Here are directions to the Farm Store here

Seasonal Farm Bag

This week on the online store we're working hard to keep your favorite veggies in stock each and every week. And don't forget we also offer coffee subscriptions!

Judah (field manager) crouches planting a variety label in a recently planted bed

-Ray's Field Tips-

If you are trying to grow year-round, and just starting out don't try to grow too much variety or too much of it. Try to grow only what you are confident you can handle, think about how will you manage everything you planted in August? Set up your planting to have more successes than failures. Growing can be tough, make it fun!

Cooked rice, Farmstyle swiss chard, ground beef

-Ashley's Kitchen-

Many of the veggies here on the farm are interchangeable and can be used the same way. I like to think of everything in categories...

1. Delicate greens that are always consumed raw like head lettuce, micro greens, spring mix, etc.

2. Hardy greens that can be raw or cooked liked swiss chard, spinach, collards, kale, etc.

3. Root vegetables

Each of these veggies contains different nutrients and I believe that variety is best. So, when possible, I like to do as many different ones as possible or switch them up. So, this week, give the FarmStyle Swiss Chard recipe (link) a go--but add in some kale and collards and then combine that with your favorite rice dish, pasta, or soup!