How to Eat Swiss Chard

How to Eat Swiss Chard

This week's temps has been a blessing to our farm and summer crops!

Green Tomatoes

Tomatoes have started producing just enough for our family and friends.

Young Cucumbers

We will have a decent pile of cucumbers this week!

Farmstyle Swiss Chard

Preparing fresh produce in a way that the whole family can enjoy can be a challenge, Ashley has been farming and feeding her family for 12 years and has now started to share her experience. This week we have released a YouTube video on her favorite way to cook and eat Swiss Chard. 

Check out the video here.

Overhead of caterpillar tunnel

This week we have been recovering some tunnels in between the rain and wind. Our family has installed quite a few of these, it's always fun to work together to complete this big project!

- Ray & Ashley Tyler