Transplants and Coffee!

Transplants and Coffee!

Hello all!

Another fantastic week in the books folks.


This past week has been fantastic weather for us and all of our crops!


For the first time in many years, we are offering transplants for your home garden!

This week we're offering the following transplantsCurly KaleSwiss ChardDino Kale, and Collards

Next week we will be offering herbs and lettuce transplants so stay tuned!


The last 2 weeks we have harvested nearly 1,000 cucumbers! And it's time for the 5 for $5 sale (normally $2 each)


Our farm Manager, Judah Hobbs, roasts his own coffee beans over a fire and after selling to family and friends is now opening up to sell on our website! We've been drinking his coffee for a while now and we think you'll really like it!

Buy his coffee here.

Have a great week everyone!