Preparations in Progress

Preparations in Progress

This week started the first of many fall plantings to come.

Celery Sprouts

We started with fall celery transplants. This crop is slow growing and it needs several months to grow and mature before planting.


New crop! CARROTS!! We have summer carrots in our Seasonal Farm bags only this week. This bed of carrots looks great for July.


Farm Manager Seeding

Ray's Field Tips

This time of the year all the summer crops are planted, grown and harvested 5 days a week. Some principles I've found that help during this time of the year is...

1. Drinking plenty of water.

2. Being self-aware of your body's limitations. 

3. Getting plenty of rest. 

4. Taking time off when needed. It may not be a big list but being aware and following these principles can help you avoiding burnout and possibly hurting yourself.


Stay cool and remember to drink plenty of water!

- Ray & Ashley Tyler