Prepping for Fall

Prepping for Fall

Summer is here to stay awhile and despite the heat and busy season harvesting and planting, our sights are set on fall and winter planning.

Sprouts in the green house

We have already started seeding celery and Brussel sprouts for fall and our big fall seeding will start in 1 week!

Farm Hand working on Pack Shed


We are also trying to work on a few projects that will help our winter growing be more enjoyable and efficient!

This week we are pouring a concrete floor for our new pack shed extension. Having a bigger climate controlled space for our pack shed team to work in and a floor that totes and tables can roll on will make our pack days more enjoyable. This will also be an extension for the farm store which has been a surprising success.

Farm Hand with seeds


Get ready for fall! Now is a the best time to plan for a good fall and winter harvest. 

Here are a few vegetables that should be seeded in the next few weeks...



Celery (almost too late)



Swiss Chard

Dandelion Greens

If you seed these crops and then plant in August, they will be ready for a harvest by the first of October. Do another seeding at the end of July if you have a small tunnel and want to have a harvest in January-March!