Coons in The Corn

Coons in The Corn

This week we are making great progress on our new pack shed/on-farm store. We are looking forward to having a climate controlled space for our team to work in this winter and a warm dry place for our store. For the next two weeks our farm store will be a mess. So bear with us while we create a better space for you all!

Corn Stalks

This week we pulled out our corn which got destroyed by raccoons! The corn was the sweetest corn we have ever tasted and we were looking forward to offering some in our farm bags this week but the coons had other plans for supper.

We will do better next time protecting the corn from coons.

Farm Manager Seeds

This was a really busy week--seeding crops for fall and winter. As summer planning ends we are starting to plan and prepare for winter. We know it feels like summer but winter is coming sooner than we like!

Happy Farming!

- Ray & Ashley Tyler