Tomatoes are here

Tomatoes are here

This week, most of our winter beds have been harvested, cropped out, and replanted with new crops.

That means fresh produce, better flavor, and a brand new start!

One thing we love about farming is the renewed opportunity and second chance to grow better nutrient-dense produce.

Swiss chard leaf

-Ray & Ashley's Kitchen Tips-

Eating seasonally and locally can be difficult.

We know.

When we first really committed to eating a mainly produce-based diet (from what we grew) it was a real challenge.

We learned that the best way to approach seasonal eating is to put as much produce as possible into a salad. Everything!

And a small secret we have found to help little children eat more vegetables is to give it to them fresh and cut it up as small as possible.

Tunnel with sproutlings

-Garden & Farm Tips-

At this time of year, it's so easy to prep your soil for lots of vegetable plants and seeds.

Winter is over, the birds are singing, flowers are blooming, and you feel alive.

What a great feeling!

But remember that July and August are just waiting to prove to you that weeds can grow taller than you. That the bugs never stop eating. That you live in Tennessee and you should not be growing produce right now!

But take heart!

There is a way to set up your garden or farm plot so that you have more successes than losses.

Spinach wet with the morning dew

Here are 2 really important things to think about when planning for success with your garden.

#1 Set up automated irrigation. Plants need water on a regular basis to grow well.

#2 Weed control. Develop a good system to keep your plot weed-free.

Feel free to contact us with any questions you might have!