Spring is Here--Another Farm Update

Spring is Here--Another Farm Update

Hello! We have been loving this spring-like weather. The crops are loving the shift in temperature as well as our team! And the children are really happy to be outside running around and getting out all their energy.

Farm Hands digging french drain

This week our good friends over at Bountiful Blessing Farm came and teamed up with us with a completed a much needed drain for our tunnels. It is always great to see and talk with like-minded farmers and talk shop.

This week our tomatoes are in full bloom. It won't be long now before we'll be offering them.

Baby Tomatoe

This week we are loaded with all kinds of green goodness!

SpinachRomaine LettuceGreen leaf LettuceButter LettucePanissi Lettuce3 Gem Pack LettuceFarmers Choice LettuceCilantroMintBoc ChoyTokyo BekanaChardTurnipsBagged Curly KaleCeleryAmaranth Micro GreenMicro basilMicro Greens

Panissi Lettuce Heads

Many blessings to you and your family!